Founded in 1919, Bisson Transportation,Inc., ("Bisson" or the "Parent Company") is a highly diversified, privately owned, values-based transportation, moving and warehousing company. Bisson operates facilities in Westbrook, Auburn (2), Brunswick (2), Jay, Skowhegan and Rumford, Maine. The Parent Company employs over 200 individuals and additionally contracts with 70 independent Owner Operators. Promising "Service you can Trust from People who Care" and providing service excellence, a high degree of stakeholder satisfaction and extremely high on-time performance doesn't happen by chance at Bisson.

Bisson's Core Values

Everyone talks about providing quality service. How often do you really receive it in the marketplace? The Bisson organization is guided by a shared set of timeless foundational values that makes providing high-quality service practically automatic. Everyone has a stake in delivering our promise of "Service you can Trust from People who Care" to all internal and external stakeholders.

Bisson believes that an organization firmly grounded in TRUST, will produce higher quality, be more productive, offer greater opportunity and be superior in every way to an organization which relies excessively on rules, regulations and control management for success. TRUST describes the quality of the relationship between two or more TRUSTWORTHY entities. At Bisson, TRUSTWORTHINESS at all levels is comprised of five foundational values that we call "C.R.I.S.S." - Competence, Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Service.