Bisson Transportation's Brokerage Division selectively matches companies with loads.

For the carriers, that means becoming an "extension of our fleet". Often, carriers don't have enough volume to a particular area to offer a meaningful volume commitment to any shippers in that area. By adding these carriers to our fleet, Bisson Transportation is able to offer additional capacity to its present customers while at the same time keeping these carrier trucks moving.

Shippers benefit because Bisson Transportation will only offer our Brokerage services to the highest quality carriers, confirmed by an extensive background check. The ability to broker to pre-qualified carriers allows Bisson Transportation to offer our shippers additional capacity and enhances our ability to provide the right amount of equipment as shipping volumes change. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Bisson Transportation always provides first priority to our own drivers. If a shipment is tendered to Bisson Transportation, we will always look to assign it to an available Bisson Transportation driver first and then, only with customer permission will we broker the shipment to one or our pre-qualified brokerage carriers.

If you are an interested carrier or an independent owner operator with your own authority, please download and complete the following forms to begin working with our Brokerage Division. The forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader.

Files relevant to brokerage services