Safety is Job One at Bisson

Safety in any business is paramount. The transportation industry demands an ever-increasing level of safety, especially in the trucking and moving businesses. Bisson is strongly committed to meeting or exceeding all federal and local regulations designed to maintain safe operations and protecting our drivers, movers, employees and the general public.

Bisson has a formal corporate Safety Committee chaired by our Director of Human Resources. The Committee establishes annual safety goals for the entire company and is accountable to our workers compensation consultant and to our general liability insurance consultant. Safety representatives from each Bisson location and senior management attend monthly safety meetings where safety goals, issues and incidents are discussed and action items determined.

Bisson Transportation has its own Safety and Compliance Department headed by Bisson Transportation's Director of Safety and Compliance. This group audits driver logs to assure compliance with Federal HOS regulations and investigates all incidents; including unsatisfactory road-side inspections and accidents. This group also assures that Bisson Transportation and Owner Operator equipment is inspected at regular intervals to assure compliance with Federal and State of Maine mandates. The Director of Safety and Compliance has unilateral authority to terminate any driver which he considers unsafe or uncooperative with Bisson Transportation's goal of maintaining the highest Federal Safety Rating.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Creating a solid base for success depends on a number of factors; culture, people, systems, standards, and when you're in the transportation business, equipment that will get you where you're going. Achieving 99% on-time performance for our customers simply could not happen without well maintained equipment that is ready to go-the-distance. In order to make sure that Bisson Transportation's equipment is solid and ready, Bisson operates a 5-bay, two shift, full service Heavy Duty Truck Center in Auburn to provide preventative maintenance and repairs for our own units and outside customers. Virtually all of Bisson's trailers are three years old or newer.

Nearly Nil Claims Ratio

Great drivers, management excellence and well-maintained equipment are nice. But how does the product look when it gets there? Bisson's current claims ratio .41% (less than 1/2 of 1%).