"What I like about Bisson.

Small company, call on the phone always gets an answer. No forced dispatch. Bisson works with you-not against you. You can go from wherever you want to or work wherever you want to. Everybody knows everybody by now. Great Company, been here for 2 years, I'm not leaving. I like making money. Take care of your plates and permits-great fuel exchange. Pick the loads you choose to haul and go the places you choose to go."

Fred Steadman

"I have been trucking for 10 years now, nine and a half of them have been with Bisson. They offer plenty of good paying loads to the areas you want to go. If you are looking for a company that gives you the freedom to pick your own loads from People who Care then Bisson is for you. Lease to a company who cares."

Mike Dovinsky

"I've worked for Bisson since retiring from the Navy almost seven years ago. Having never worked in the trucking industry, obviously I can't make a definitive comparison with other companies. But that said, I find it difficult to believe that any other carriers would be as enjoyable to work for.

Perhaps the opportunity to make more money exists within other companies, but I think if that's the primary focus when job hunting, then you've missed the boat. For me, Bisson is the complete package-a relatively small but extremely professional organization with a very fair and competitive pay scale, the ability to do what I want when I want, and-most importantly-great people to work with. I think the strength of an organization-any organization- is in the quality and integrity of its individuals. The people I work with regularly at Bisson are the reason the past seven years have been so rewarding.

I feel very fortunate to be able to make a good living doing something I enjoy. And being associated with a group of folks that treat each other, as well as customers, with professionalism, courtesy and respect make it that much better."

Tod Hartung