Introduction and History


Bisson Transportation is the truckload freight hauling, freight brokerage and yard management (trailer spotting) services division of Bisson Transportation, Inc. (the "Parent Company" or "Bisson"). Other divisions of Bisson include: Bisson Moving & Storage Company (residential moving and storage); Bisson-I&R Commercial Services (office moving and office furniture installation and reconfiguration); Bisson Document Security (media and file retention and management).  Information about each of these divisions can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of this home page or by clicking on the tab "About Us" in the menu at top.

Bisson was founded as L.Bisson, Inc. in 1919, in Bath, Maine, by Lucien (Joe) Bisson along with his horse named "Dan" and a "jigger" wagon. From its inception, Bisson hauled freight (primarily lumber and coal) which remains a mainstay of the Parent Company, through its Bisson Transportation division, to this day. In 1921, Bisson bought its first fuel powered truck, a 1919 GMC. Today, Bisson operates from four locations, employs over 100 full and part time individuals, owns or leases nearly 30 late model 53' air ride box trailers, 20 flatbed trailers, 30 box trucks, and including the tractors owned or leased by our 20 Owner Operators, nearly 40 tractors. Joe wouldn't recognize Bisson today....but he'd sure be proud.

Although the transportation industry, generally, has undergone its share of challenges over the past decade and will likely experience more as fuel prices continue to rise and Federal and State regulators continue to tighten compliance standards in the name of "safety", Bisson's longevity, diversification, timeless values, strong brand recognition and excellent relationships with customers, employees and Owner Operators have allowed us to weather these storms and have positioned us well for the future. A partnership with Bisson is a partnership for the long-haul.

Geographic Service Area

As a New England-based carrier, in the early days Bisson Transportation focused on providing high quality service predominantly in the northeastern United States. As our base of customers grew, in response to the varied needs of each customer, we learned to be flexible in terms of geographic service area. Today, Bisson Transportation specializes in Truckload Freight and Special Products transportation and brokerage throughout the Eastern 37 United States, depending on the specific needs of each customer, and each project. Particularly active areas for Bisson Transportation include: ME, MN, WI, TN, OH, MD and PA. 

Owner Operator Fleet

Bisson Transportation is predominantly an Owner Operator driven says so right on our vans! Many of our present employees in Operations, Safety and Recruiting were, themselves, Owner Operators before taking desk jobs.  Our professionals pride themselves in their commitment to customer service and, as a result, delivered over 6300 loads in 2017 achieving better than a 99% on-time pick-up and delivery rate.

Bisson currently offers one owner operator pay package.  We pay 73.3% of the line haul and 100% of the fuel Surcharge and ancillaries billed to the customer.  Owner Operators with their own authority are offered 80% of line haul and 100% of the fuel surcharge and ancillaries billed to the customer.

Our most productive Owner Operators average approximately 3,000 legal miles per week. However, we have no forced dispatch so others prefer to lay back a little. Nonetheless, as a Bisson Transportation Owner Operator, you will always be encouraged by Operations to plan your trips carefully and to run as many miles as you legally can because we know from experience that planning ahead, keeping the truck full and the wheels turning are the biggest determinants of business success - both for the Owner Operator and for Bisson Transportation. We consider it a compliment that one of the things most often said about Bisson Transportation Operations by our Owner Operators is "they never leave me sitting."

If you are interested in possibly becoming a Bisson Transportation Owner Operator, maybe even filling out an on-line application, click on "Recruitment" at the top of this page and select the appropriate category

Well-Maintained Equipment

Creating a solid base for success depends on a number of factors; culture, people, systems, standards, and when you're in the transportation business, equipment that will get you where you're going. Achieving 99% on-time performance for our customers simply could not happen without well-maintained equipment that is ready to go-the-distance. 

Air-Ride 53-Foot Vans

Because shippers want the most value for their transportation dollars, they insist on being able to ship as much product as possible on every load. Different products also have varying sensitivity levels. Rather than take a chance on trailer size, or possibly risk transporting sensitive items on hard-riding, spring-ride vans, Bisson exclusively operates late model, air-ride, 53-foot, 102" wide vans for all of our customers. Bisson Transportation's trailers are vigerously maintained every 90 days. Unlike some companies, Bisson Transportation never charges its Owner Operators a trailer rental fee.


Bisson has a growing number of 48-foot flatbed and single drop trailers to accommodate our customers’ needs. All of our flatbeds are equipped with tarps to protect your product and ample cargo securement to ensure your product arrives safely and damage free.

Nearly Nil Claims Ratio

Great drivers, management excellence and well-maintained equipment are nice. But how does the product look when it gets there? Bisson's current claims ratio .41% (less than 1/2 of 1%).

Yard Management (Trailer Spotting) Services

Bisson’s yard management division has been trusted to solve our customers’ complex trailer spotting needs. Each Yard Management location is fully staffed around the clock and our responsibilities are: 1) to maintain, monitor and report on the status of the empty, full and in-process of loading trailers at each location; 2) to inspect, and if necessary, reject or repair trailers arriving for loading; and 3) prepare trailers for loading and move them to and from the shipper's loading docks as directed by the mill's shipping area. To learn more about Bisson's Yard Management Services and what it takes to be a Yard "Switcher" or "Jockey" click on "Services" at the top of this page and select "Yard Management".

Freight Brokerage

Bisson Transportation has a freight brokerage division which, with customer permission, brokers freight initially tendered to Bisson Transportation to pre-qualified carriers in the event Bisson Transportation does not have the capacity to haul it ourselves. Bisson Transportation's Freight Brokerage division never brokers a load to another carrier that could be hauled by one of our own drivers - Bisson Transportation drivers are always given first priority. However, this division does increase our capacity to handle loads and to service our clients' shipments. To learn more and, if you are an interested carrier or an independent Owner Operator with your own operating authority, to download the forms necessary to begin working with Bisson Transportation's Brokerage Division, please click on "Services" at the top of this page and select "Brokerage".